Which edition of PGI Community Edition for GeForce GT220?

I am a novice at CUDA. I tried to install PGI Community Edition 18.10 for GeForce GT220 and ran an example code. However I got an error message: FAILED: 35< CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version>. Then I tried to install CUDA Toolkit 10 for verifying my GPU and got the same error message. I solved the problem until I installed CUDA Toolkit 6.5.

Which release of PGI Community Edition is suitable to GeForce GT220?


Hi Vincent Shen,

The GeForce GT220 is compute capability v1.2 (CC12, “Tesla” architecture) which NVIDIA stopped supporting many years ago (circa 2014). PGI last supported this device with our 14.10 compilers.

Archived release are only available with the Professional Edition (See: https://www.pgroup.com/products/professional.htm).

Though if possible, you should consider upgrading your device to a newer model. Not only is the GT220 no longer supported, NVIDIA devices have improved significantly since this card was released in 2009. The most current Turning architecture is 7 generations newer than your device.