Which GPU DVFS table do I need to modify to add GPU frequencies?


I want to add frequencies to the GPU DVFS table, which one do I need to modify among NA_FREQ_CVB_TABLE, NA_FREQ_CVB_TABLE_XA, FIXED_FREQ_CVB_TABLE and what is the difference between them?


Hi acessonegato,

We don’t support people to modify the driver.
May I know why you need to add frequencies into the table?

Hi Vickyy,

Thanks for replying.

However, that is not true, see moderator at:


As for the question, well, although is a rhetorical question, the answer is that I want to push the board to the limit.

I do not have temperature problem because it run outside in a junction box, the cpu already run at 2218500 without problems, so I want to push the GPU as well, that what you do with a PC graphic card, don’t you?

Perhaps you could also tell me what the option CONFIG_TEGRA_USE_NA_GPCPLL, in the kernel does.

Also the TX1 datasheet mentions it in 2.1, so I do not see any problem in knowing what those tables represent and so on.