Max CPU freq is only 1.73 GHz


I am only reading 1.73 GHz as the max clock speed on my TX1. As far as I know it should be clocked up to 1.9GHz… Is it possible I got a faulty board?

I already tried reflashing with L4T 23.2 multiple times.



I’m not positive, but this may be the correct maximum as per current dvfs tables.

There were some changes in “drivers/platform/tegra/tegra21_dvfs.c” from earlier releases. This left out the older maximum clock frequency…I do not know if this was by design or just left out by accident. If you are interested in this, see CPU_CVP_TABLE_EUCM1, this is possibly the table which would be used to add a new maximum matching the old 1836000 and 1912500 entries. Whether or not CPU_CVP_TABLE_EUCM2 is involved I don’t know.

The Tegra X1 CPU frequency(same Tegra X1 chip but software patch added) was updated some months ago.

The New TM670D Guaranteed CPU operation frequency as below:
UCM1(20% operating time per day at max specification) 1.73GHz(Tj<=70c) 1.63GHz(Tj<=90c) 1.55GHz(Tj<=105c)
UCM2(100% operating time per day at max specification) 1.68GHz(Tj<=70c) 1.55GHz(Tj<=90c) 1.47GHz(Tj<=105c)

If your case can run under 20% operating time per day at max specification. It can be set to UCM1 for better performance.
And good thermal design will reduce the Tj and lead better performance.