Who makes Tesla cards?

GeForce cards are made by many different producers (Gigabyte, EVGA, ASUS etc.). Does the same thing apply to Teslas? If so, is there some additional quality assurance to make sure one manufacturer doesn’t build a device with worse cooling or memories than the other?

Also, what does Nvidia provide when it comes to graphic cards and what’s up to the manufacturer (that question goes for GeForces, Quadros and Teslas)? Basically, who does what - who physically manufactures the chip, who does the PCB, who picks memories etc.?

It looks like PNY does the assembly of the cards, as they have a product page for Tesla. A number of online stores mention PNY on the Tesla page as well.

Leadtek website says they’re manufacture them:

I see. So we’re up to possibly two manufacturers, unless PNY or Leadtek is reselling the other’s cards.

I think it might even be more subtle than that. I don’t think either Leadtek or PNY are the OEM of the Telsa cards - my guess they are both selling the NVIDIA reference design sourced from someone else.