Why can't I debug CUDA code using Nsight PSE on a GTX 970?

Hello, I am new to CUDA and I had just downloaded the CUDA 12 toolkit about a week ago. Today I downloaded the Nsight PSE (most recent release, I think - 2022.4). I tried to debug a small CUDA example just to try out the debugger. The moment the debugger hits a CUDA call, everything is halted and I get this message both in the CLI and as a pop-up from visual studio:

WARNING: Debugging contexts created on Maxwell (SM 5.X) is not supported. Please see https:(double-slash)developer(dot)nvidia(dot)com/nvidia-cuda-toolkit-cuda-gdb-developer-preview for more details.

sorry for the weird “(dot)” and “(double-slash)” thing, forum won’t let me post two links as a new user.

But I googled whether or not Nsight PSE supported the Maxwell architecture and I found that it was introduced in this Nsight PSE release (Nsight PSE 4.1) so I am confused as to why the most recent release of the CUDA toolkit + the most recent release of Nsight PSE are not working.

What can I do to use the debugger?

What version of Visual Studio do you have? Maxwell debugging support was dropped from Visual Studio 2022. Previous versions of Visual Studio should still support Maxwell debugging. See the update list here https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-visual-studio-edition-2022_1-new-features