Visual Studio 2019 Nsight debugger not compatable with RTX 3070 Laptop GPU?

Hi I just installed CUDA 12.3 (the most recent one) and the NSight that comes with the installer. I’m trying to debug my code from Visual Studio 2019 using NSight, but I see the bugs above… Why is this happening? Does it mean I have to downgrade the versions?

The image above is the output of the legacy debugger. However when I run the next-gen debugger, I get the following error:

“Function: cudaLaunchKernel cudaErrorUnsupportedPtxVersion(222)”

Can you share any details of your application? Is it a third party library etc…? Can you try debugging one of the simple CUDA samples like MatrixMultiply to see if this is specific to your application? A 3070 should use the next-gen debugger, not Legacy.

It’s just my custom c++ program that utilizes CUDA 12.3. I updated the driver which came out today (luckily) and now CUDA runs properly and the NSight is working! Thank you for your time!