Nsight Monitor not connecting

I’m trying to debug some CUDA code from withing Visual Studio 2019, but CUDA Debugging (Next-Gen) cannot seem to connect to NSight Monitor (NM). If I use CUDA Debugging (Legacy) I get the message that the CUDA context was created on an unsupported GPU (GeForce GTX 1050 Ti), but at least it connected to NM. In the Next-Gen mode I get no error message or warning (nothing at all - the code runs and then exits without connecting).
I tried:

  • Running both VS and NM as admin.
  • Changing the port numbers on both VS and NM.
  • Explicitly opening the ports in the Win 10 Firewall.
  • Try secure/not secure connection option.

I am running NM 2020.3 and CUDA 11.2. Is there any way I can trouble-shoot what might be going on?
(As you can probably can tell, noobie at work here)

Forgot to mention: I am trying to do local debugging.