Why doesn't MRCNN need to convert the operation of CropAndResize?

Hi all,

I have a question about why MRCNN doesn’t need to convert the operation of CropAndResize in ~/samples/sampleUffMaskRCNN/converted/config.py.

Because I saw the sample of FasterRCNN which substitutes the CropAndResize operation for original operation in ~/samples/sampleUffFasterRCNN/config.py.

We can also find the crop_and_resize function in Model.py of matterport/MRCNN repo, so it should be replaced this operation, no?

Is there any reason here?

Thank you so much.


We also replaced “CropAndResize” in MRCNN sample. We replace it as a whole, it is in PyramidROIAlign.


“roi_align_classifier” and “roi_align_mask” contains CropAndResize