Why is A/B Filesystem Redundancy not supported on Jetson Nano?

I have seen everywhere that the Jetson Nano does not support A/B Filesystem Redundancy, however I have not seen the reason why it is not supported. Can anyone provide me with insight or a technical limitation as to why the Jetson Nano cannot support A/B Filesystem Redundancy?

If it is a disk space issue, and if I was able to reduce the filesystem size with my own rootfs could I possibly implement A/B Filesystem Redundancy myself? Where would I go to start for that?

I see two main aspects:

  • How do I split the APP partition into 2 equally sized 7 GiB bootable partitions on the Nano?
  • Where would the logic go to change boot partitions?

I don’t know about the Nano in general regarding redundant filesystems, but none of the SD card models of any Jetson (the dev kit versions without eMMC) support redundant A/B filesystems. If you have an eMMC model, then perhaps it is supported (or perhaps not, NVIDIA would need to answer, but the SoC of the Nano is quite old so I wouldn’t be surprised if A/B redundancy was never developed).

Yes, they are same SoC but different SKU, there was no A/B redundancy feature implemented on them.

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