Jetson Nano broken?

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I wanted to setup my jetson nano but somehow it never asked for automated resize of the partition. Therefore the partition was only 16GB big but I was using a 64GB SD-card. Serveral methods of resizing did not work. When I tried to format the SD-card and reflash the image it kept the settings like username and password including the allocated disc space.
My final thought was to delete every partition on the SD card and therefore delete every saved setting. After flashing now the image again, the Jetson doesn’t boot again, even with different SD-cards. I am quite new to Ubuntu systems and therefore my question: did I break my Jetson?

I can’t answer about the resize, although it is supposed to be automatic. What I can tell you is that the SD card model of Nano (the developer kit, which does not have eMMC) has QSPI memory on the module itself. That content contains the equivalent of a BIOS (software only), plus all of the boot content. If that content is not correct, including from being too out of date for the particular SD card content, then boot will fail (and you don’t need to worry about “bricking” because there is no BIOS, a Nano pretty much cannot be “bricked” like a PC motherboard). What it does mean though is that the SD card is only part of the content.

What you’ll need to do is flash the Nano itself, and then make sure your SD card is from a similar release. Because Jetson’s don’t have a BIOS they cannot self-flash, and you need an Ubuntu 18 host PC (16 actually works too, but 18 is recommended) to run the flash software. This can update QSPI, or also create an SD card image (or just use a pre-canned SD image if it is recent enough). Incidentally, L4T is what gets installed, and is a combination of Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers. JetPack/SDK Manager is a GUI front end to the flash software which performs the flash. Their versions are tied together, so if you pick one, then you’ve picked the other. You can find a compatible L4T release (the most recent R32.x release for a Nano which is not Orin) here:

There should be documentation specific to the Nano dev kit in those same URL links. Someone else will probably be able to suggest proper preparation of the SD card for resizing of partitions, but I don’t personally have any large SD cards to test that with.

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