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I purchased a Jetson Nano 4GB from the Big A, but they sent me an obvious used one. Currently it has two lxde, one of which is not working (Unable to launch usr/bin/startlxde) and I can’t reflash the whole thing just using sd card. I followed the steps described in Get Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer but it just goes into boot, not install. There is not even a python installed on it and I have no idea if installing python3 directly installs cuda related firmware. It doesn’t matter. I want the whole device fresh again.

As far as I understand, I have to install or execute via USB an Ubuntu 18.04 and reflash the Jetson Nano using Jetpack SDK 4.6. There is no way to reformat the whole device and boot it via SD card with proper image?

Thank you for your answer.

The boot chain, plus what is equivalent to BIOS (it is software, there is no hardware BIOS), is in QSPI memory. That memory is on the module itself for the SD card models, so this has to be a release which is compatible with whatever is on the SD card. Flashing this once via JetPack/SDK Manager would do that, and then presumably you could use many L4T R32.x releases on the SD card itself.

If this were not an SD card model, and if the o/s itself is flashed by JetPack/SDK Manager, then the basic flash does not install the CUDA content. What this would do (on an eMMC model, but you seem to have an SD card model, so this is not the same for your case) is to flash without any optional content while the Jetson is in recovery mode (for you flash is just QSPI); then the flash would end and the Jetson would automatically reboot, first boot account setup would take place (you still do that with an SD card model…these days a name/password is not generated as a default, but instead occurs on first boot), and upon the ability to log in, JetPack/SDK Manager would use ssh login (or scp copy) to install the optional content over networking to the Jetson. This would appear as a single flash operation, but the in reality flash is done in recovery mode, while optional content goes in only after being fully booted with login capability.

I don’t know which features the various pre-built SD card content will come with. Someone else could answer that, but the gist is that you have to flash the QSPI first before your SD card will work. The recovery mode Jetson is not mass storage, it is a custom USB device requiring a custom driver, and so you cannot get around the need for the flash from a Linux host PC (Ubuntu 18.04 would be appropriate for this model and L4T release combination, but command line flash would offer more host PC Linux versions/flavors). The device itself cannot be fully reformatted.

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