Why the NvMediaImageLock has around 3ms delay?

status = NvMediaImageLock(image, NVMEDIA_IMAGE_ACCESS_WRITE, &surfaceMap);
    if(status != NVMEDIA_STATUS_OK) {
        LOG_ERR("%s: NvMediaImageLock() failed\n", __func__);
        goto done;
    status = NvMediaImageGetBits(image, NULL, (void **)pBuff, pBuffPitches);

I found this code has around 3ms time delay. Can I do something decrease the time delay? It is very important for the vehicle. Help ! Guys!

Dear wangxuhui,

Sorry for late reply.
Maybe you need to optimize such as NvRmSync API, MTS and so on to reduce NvMediaImageLock time. Thanks.