WiFi enabled in Deep Sleep (SC7 mode) on Xavier

is there a way to put the board in Deep sleep, but wifi should stay online. Current wifi adapter is Intel 8265.NGWMG. It provides AP and everyone with notebook or other devices can connect to the board via Wifi, because LAN is not available. If the WiFi adapter is not suitable for this purpose it could be changed. When the board goes in deep sleep, wifi AP is also down and there is no way how to send magic packet for wake on lan via wifi. I’ve tried wake on lan when the cable is there and it works as expected, but would be great if there is another way to do it with wifi only.

Tegra boards support Suspend and resume. If the WiFi card supports WoW (Wake-on-Wireless) feature and can work with supply from +3.3V Aux supply (B-10 pin in PCIe pinout), and if it can support waking the host system through WAKE# signal (B-11 pin in PCIe pinout) i.e. card’s WAKE pin is connected to host’s WAKE.