Wifi module is not starting automatically after reboot and wake up

I was working on Jetson TX2 NX and using rtl8822ce chip for wifi and connecting through PCIe.
I want to start wifi AP automatically after wake up as well as reboot.
But I need to do
"nmcli con up "
“systemctl restart NetworkManager” to start.

I tried several ways like, autoconnect enable [nmcli con mod connection.autoconnect no] , startup scripts etc.

I need to make wifi AP start automatically after wake up and reboot. Can anybody help me with this?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support?


The previous problem is solved when I flashed the board again.

But now we need to make the wifi AP of the jetson board always connected with the device. That is, when the board goes to sleep/suspend, I need to keep the device connected. Now its disconnecting.

Is there any way to prevent the wifi from turnoff when jetson goes to sleep?

No, otherwise it’s not able to go into sleep mode.

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