Jetson TX2 Wi-Fi connection

Hello I am Jetson Tx2 for development. I have used the ethernet and create a static network to connect with the Jetson from my host PC using SSH.

I have to connect with Jetson board Wifi from my host PC, but unable to find its SSID on my network panel. Is there any way to connect with onboard WIFI of jetson? So i will connect with Jetson TX2 wifi and then SSH it. Any setup to follow?
I also saw that the wifi and bluetooth are enabled by default.


You could either setup TX2 as a wifi AP and your host could use wifi and connect to it. This method is already discussed on forum for many times. I think you could search it.

Another way is to use a external AP and both TX2 and host connect to it. Then, it should be able to ssh to each other.