Need to Setup Static Wifi Hotspot on TX2

I am attempting to utilize my TX2 as a webserver. I need to assign my TX2 a static WIFI IP and I need the TX2 to assign ip addresses on that custom subnet. I have successfully put the TX2 in broadcast mode and have created a Hotspot network via the NetworkManager UI, however, I have no control over the ip addresses themselves. I am constantly on the default network. When I go to "Edit Connections->{my connection}->IPv4->Manual the only options I have are “Shared to other computers” and “Disabled”. Manual is not an option.

Can someone share the standard way of accomplishing this on aarch 64 for the TX2?

I don’t have all the steps at hand but I’ve done this successfully using hostapd and dhcpd, even connecting to the TX2 from a mobile device and browsing the internet through the wired network interface connected to a LAN.

I believe I pulled them from repository onto the Jetson as well, no building necessary.

‘shared to other computers’ seems a way to go for your design.
However, you may specify ip address of that connection at tx2 and that will be used to define dhcp leases that will belong to the same network. But if yo more sophisticated solution you might use some extra configutarion, in my opinion.


Indeed I have it “Shared to other computers” and it does assign DHCP to others on the WIFI on the same network. However, how can I define the IP address on the TX2 that is being “shared”? If I use /etc/network/interfaces, the network-manager no longer works for that interface.

Unrelated to the original post: If you do share like that, then be sure to change all of the passwords…they are standard and known to the world.
"The solution was adding the following line to my hotspot config file /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/myHotspot in the ipv4 block:



sudo systemctl restart network-manager.service

I did not test it at the moment, but might do that if it will fail at your side.