Communicating to TX2


I am new with the Jetson TX2 and was wondering what ways I can directly connect to the TX2 wirelessly. I have looked into ad-hoc and CAN so far. It seems ad-hoc is not supported according to L4T Release Notes and CAN is supported, but the bit rate is too limited for my purposes. Are there any other communication protocols that I can look into?


Jetson TX2 have WIFI should be an option.

The TX2 has both WiFi and Bluetooth.

Note that you don’t need Ad Hoc; you can run the TX2 as an access point using hostapd. Then your other device can connect to the Jetson, and no separate access point is needed.

The Jetson also has Ethernet. Ethernet is wired, so is CAN, so if CAN is OK, then Ethernet could work, too. Ethernet is 1 Gb/s.