Create ad-hoc connection on Jetson TX2

I have a Jetson TX2 which I am interested in creating a Wireless connection as secondary entry point.

The Jetson TX2 will go in an inaccessible spot connected to a camera via a switch and to the internet via a router. This will be the main connection to access the device, but I would be interested in creating a wireless entry point as a solution if the main connection fails.

Since the wireless connection would only be used when the main connection fails, I think that my only option is to create an ad-hoc connection between the Jetson TX2 and the other device (e.g. a laptop).

I have an external wifi adapter connected to the Jetson TX2 and I have been trying to establish a connection between the devices, but I have not manage to do it.

Then I read in [1] that when configuring the wireless card to operate in Ad-Hoc (IBSS) mode using encryption WEP or WPA, the system would crash.

Is there any way to establish a connection without internet connection in the Jetson TX2 between two devices? If the solution is only with an ad-hoc connection type, can it be done?`

Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance.


Sorry that ad-hoc mode has no fix. You can try to configure one TX2 as AP mode and another one as STA and connect it to one another.

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