Window Control Settings HELP

Under the nView Properties within the nView Desktop Manager there is a Windows tab. Within the windows tab there is an option to “Open Windows on:” and the choices are:

  1. Default Display
  2. Start Button Display
  3. Next Display
  4. Last Display

I am choosing “Last Display” but some reason my Firefox window continues to open the full length of my two monitor display regardless of where I closed it last. All my other programs seem to be functioning properly (ie Last Display).

Anyone know of why this would happen only in this one program?
Anyone know of conflicts with this setting?
Sort of annoying.

All help is greatly appreciated



1st make sure the “double arrow” button nview places in the title bar isnt enabled. it spreads the window over the entire dektop and i think it overrides the other settings. it that isnt causing the problem, here is something that helped me with a similar situation.

open the program and resize/relocate it to where you want. leave it open and do the same again. now close the 1st one. open another and resize/relocate it. then close them all. open it again and it should come up in the location and resized as it was when they were all closed.

i was having problems with the window size/location setting gettting all screwed up and this worked for me


This is the CUDA Computing Platform forum. It is about using an nvidia G80 GPU to perform fast calculations. As it seems You are looking for general support for you graphics card. You might find something here: