expand taskbar

good day,

how to expand the taskbar to 2 screens on vista, quadro nvs290, 2 displays, driver 178.46 ?

thxs for your help

you need a third party application to do this, windows does not support it natively

nVidia Control Center is installed…

please help

this forum ist not a good support, there are no telephone numbers to call ?

i will never buy again a nVidia product, they got a bad support service

i am not an nvidia representative, this is a user to user forum. you are meant to contact your card manufacturer not nvidia with problems you have, they are the people you call.

nvidia controll center does not support this, you need a third party application top do this, as in one that is not made by nvidia or microsoft.

very poor from Nvida

Matrox Software has no Problem with expanting the taskbar…

can anybody help me better than qazax ?

please answer to this post if you have a solution only, thank you

iam not intereset in your computer configuration…-…blabla bla

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nvidia cards are for gaming, matrox are for different circumstances, specifically for multiple monitor setups, if all you want is a multi monitor setup not for gaming then you have the wrong card, and it isnt poor support from nvidia, they design the cards for a certain function. you have got the wrong product if that is what you want.

thats called a sig mate, everyone on this forum has them, and indeed on all forums… i never asked you to read it - im not interested in solving your problem, but im trying to help anyway. nobody else will post telling you how to do what you want to do without either

  • a third party program

  • a matrox card

  • a tripple head2go

thats the way it is, if you dont like it then unfortunately its tough.

It works just fine in Linux, and I saw it working in XP today at my colleague on a Quadro, so I guess you have to blame microsoft.

Now, your question has nothing at all to do with CUDA, and your complaining after even less.

Please take this to an appropriate forum.