Windows 7 64 bit problems Just getting started..

So I’ve been wanting to learn CUDA for a long time, and when I saw NVIDIA released a textbook, I immediately bought it. I’m 3 chapters in and ready to write my first program. I downloaded the 64 bit version of the SDK and Toolkit, and am running Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Pro from MSDNAA. I can run all the programs fine, but I cannot compile any. I compiled the cutil64 and eliminated that error. At the top I have set it to “Release and x64” from “Debug and Win32.” If I hit build nothing happens. In the status in the bottom left it just says “Ready.” This is extremely frustrating, I just want to write my first program…

I’ve installed the 64 bit compilers, and this is my current error:
Error 1 fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘.\x64\EmuRelease\’ bandwidthTest bandwidthTest

I’m still very excited, hope to get an answer soon.


Craig Mouser

Any idea why it looks for something in EmuRelease? Have you been building things in emulation mode and forgot to switch back?

I was trying all of them, it was just the one I happened to copy. I ended up giving up and installing w7 32 bit. It works fine now.