Windows 7 Multi GPU System detects multiple GPU, CUDA driver detects single compute device

Hi all,

I have an interesting issue on Windows 7 64 bit. I have 3 GPU in my system:

    GeForce 7300 SE as primary display

    GeForce GXT 280 - CUDA device

    GeForce GXT 280 - CUDA device

I have installed CUDA driver (cudadriver_2.3_winvista_64_190.38_general). Device manager is reporting all 3 cards, however when running deviceQuery or deviceQueryDrv it reports back a single CUDA device.

When I look at device properties -> Driver, device manager reports the following:

    Driver Provider NVIDIA

    Driver Date 2009-07-14

    Driver Version

Is this the correct version of the driver?

Does anyone has any idea what’s going on?

Thank you,


see the above thread… even if you can get all cuda processors to be available with devicequery, you still need to check for “thrashing” when all gpu’s are loaded.

thrashing=returning invalid results, crashing, driver restarts, bsod, etc.