Windows CUDA Toolkit silent installation?


When I try to install the Toolkit silently using the following command, the installer returns immediately but the install continues in background. Is there anyway to wait until the installation is done? This is a troublesome as I can’t predict when the install is done in our software deployment script.

Thank you!

CMD> cuda_8.0.44_win10.exe -s compiler_8.0 command_line_tools_8.0 visual_profiler_8.0 visual_studio_integration_8.0 demo_suite_8.0 documentation_8.0 cublas_8.0 cublas_dev_8.0 cudart_8.0 cufft_8.0 cufft_dev_8.0 curand_8.0 curand_dev_8.0 cusolver_8.0 cusolver_dev_8.0 cusparse_8.0 cusparse_dev_8.0 nvgraph_8.0 nvgraph_dev_8.0 npp_8.0 npp_dev_8.0 nvrtc_8.0 nvrtc_dev_8.0 nvml_dev_8.0 occupancy_calculator_8.0

Just use Powershell with -Wait option:
Start-Process -FilePath “cuda_8.0.44_win10.exe” -ArgumentList “-s compiler_8.0” -Wait -NoNewWindow