WINE+DXVK to play windows game on linux(Ubuntu 16.04) with Nvidia Tesla Card(K10,V100)?

As far as I know, Tesla doesn’t have video output. So I have a question, What’s your opinion to use WINE+DXVK(A Vulkan-based translation layer for Direct3D 10/11 which allows running 3D applications on Linux using Wine) to play windows games like GTA-V on Linux(Ubuntu)? Is it possible to compute/render in Tesla and make video output in another graphic video card?
I have tried NVIDIA Quadro. It’s no problem to play GTA-V on ubuntu with one Quadro Card.
So I want to know the probability to do the same thing with Tesla card.
Thank you so much

As long as the displaying gpu’s driver supports vulkan, too, this should be possible…in future. AFAIK, this is currently only implemented in a limited way.

Another possibility is the use of PRIME, which requires a gpu with a PRIME capable drm driver, mostly Intel.