DirectX Code on Tesla c1060 Board Can you get a valid DirectX Device tied to a Tesla GPU?

Hi Folks,

I hope that this is the right place to ask this.

I’m wondering whether it is possible to use DirectX 9 renderers & shaders on a tesla c1060? I don’t mind that it doesn’t have a display, I have an existing volume renderer that I can set up to render to a texture then copy it back to main memory. If I can get away without having to reimplement it in CUDA, then that will save me a chunk of time.

I’m still waiting on a board to turn up, so I’ve not been able to see if it turns up when enumerating the D3D devices.

Thanks for you help.


AFAIK yes.

AFAIK, Tesla boards do not appear as a display device in Windows, so you can’t create a Direct3D context on them.

It is possible to create an OpenGL context on Tesla under Linux, although we don’t officially support this.

They don’t? What do they appear as?

I remember reading that one could launch OpenGL shaders on Teslas as they are basically video cards without output connectors. I thought it’d be the same with D3D shaders.