WRF 2.2 and pgi 6.2

Hi all,
I’m trying to compile WRF 2.2 with pgi 6.2 on RHEL 4 update 4 on x86_64 machine. (WRF2.2->configure->Option 2)

I followed the porting guide for WRF,
1)compile and tested NETCDF,
2)compiled and tested mpich 1.2.6.
./configure (select option 2)
./compile wrf

Not having too much luck, machines hung during the compilation process.

Has anybody done this with PGI6.2 and WRF 2.2?

I tried PGI 6.1, the compilation uses quite a bit of memory, but manage to finish and produce the libs and wrf.exe.

thank you

Hi Brady,

It sounds like compiler is swapping due to insufficient physical memory. How much memory is on your system? Which compiler optimization flags are you using? (The optimization selected can effect the amount of memory needed).


I was able to get WRF 2.2 compiled on the console. Yes , it was the memory issue.