Wrong libGL.la in /usr/lib64 (nvidia x86_64 319.xx,325.xx)


On slackware64, the nvidia installer overwrites /usr/lib64/libGL.la with the version that should be installed in /usr/lib, which leads to linkage error as stated in this thread:http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/building-libav-with-64-bit-nvidia-drivers-32bit-compatibility-drivers-4175470076/

This issue is encountered with nvidia 319.{12,17,23,32,49} 325.{08,15}, even when answering “no” to the question “Install NVIDIA’s 32-bit compatibility OpenGL libraries?” This issue does not occur with the nvidia installer 313.30

I looked for libGL.la into the nvidia-installer.log, and I found this :


-> Installing: /tmp/template-XyKbG6 --> /usr/lib64/libGL.la
-> Deleting: /tmp/template-XyKbG6
-> Installing: /tmp/template-bD194g --> /usr/lib/libGL.la
-> Deleting: /tmp/template-bD194g

319.12->319.49 and 325.08,325.15

-> Installing: /tmp/template-N73yXK --> /usr/lib64/libGL.la
-> Deleting: /tmp/template-N73yXK
-> Installing: /tmp/template-XZIIRT --> /usr/lib64/libGL.la
-> Deleting: /tmp/template-XZIIRT


319.12 (Install NVIDIA’s 32-bit compatibility OpenGL libraries ? No)

-> Install NVIDIA's OpenGL header files? (Answer: No)
-> Installing: /tmp/template-HACVKO --> /usr/lib64/libGL.la
-> Deleting: /tmp/template-HACVKO
-> Installing: /tmp/template-69q8jK --> /usr/lib64/libGL.la
-> Deleting: /tmp/template-69q8jK

nvidia-installer_313.30.log (80.1 KB)
nvidia-installer_319_49.log (86.5 KB)
nvidia-installer_325.15.log (84.1 KB)
nvidia-installer_319.12_compat32_response_no.log (91.6 KB)
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (56.3 KB)

Please attach nvidia bug report.

Sorry, I forgot to attach this one. Added to my first post.

Internally filed Bug 1361153 to track this issue.

Is there any further news for this bug?

Would check the internal bug tracker if I could… :)

Zordrak, I think issue got fixed, Did you tested 319.60 and 331.13 driver?