Lot's of "skipped" files during install. Seems to work but unsure if 32 libraries installed.

Lot’s of “skipped” files during install, “GLX non-GLVND” files, “EGL non-GLVND” and “GLVND” files as you can see int he installer log.

Driver says it completed and passed sanity checks.

Have the 32 libraries installed? (Needed for Steam, Cinnamon on Fedora also crashes without them so better safe than sorry.)

Did the files skip for a specific reason (possibly normal?)

Seems to be working normally, have not tried 32 bit software, Nvidia X Server Settings appears normal.

Thanks for your and answers would be great.

Install log and bug log attached.
bug-report-log.txt (436 KB)
nvidia-installer.log (28.3 KB)

Yes, that’s normal. The new GLVND versions of these libraries are the defaults, but the old ones are still included just in case they’re still needed.

Also, you can install libglvnd from your distribution instead of using the one from the .run package, so it’s normal for all of these files to be skipped.