Xavier Nx HDMI output error with Oled Display


Is this issue only happened to logo or even happened to the GUI after kernel?
Please understand that logo is from bootloader but above check I am requesting are all from kernel.

Thus, please tell us where is your exact problem located.

BTW, does hotplug work here?

I have same problem to GUI after kernel.
Only working true on boot time.


The clock also looks good. Could you share a photo of how the GUI looks like?

Does this MIPI-HDMI converter require a very precise clock to make it work?

It is once a similar case on eDP before that jetson cannot provide precise clock to the converter and cause noise.

From what I saw, the clock output is 133710156. Slightly different from 133710000

pll_d2                                         1  133710156    3    1 vdd_core@604929
    nvdisplay_p0                               1  133710156    2    1 vdd_core@604929
        nvdisplay_disp                         1  133710156    1    1 vdd_core@604929
    sor1_ref                                   1  133710156    1    1

probably no. is that the only problem. What are the chances of another problem? Because When I connect it to another computer, it works without any settings.

Is there any hardware guy there that can measure if the signal from another computer is different from what jetson provides?

Honestly speaking, it does not help much to keep telling us the situation of another computer unless you can provide detail info of the clk status.

another thing to test here is, could you disable the GUI by pressing ctrl + alt + F1~F6 to switch to console mode and if that console mode is rendering normally?

Unfortunately, not working.

could you share me the result from /var/log/Xorg.0.log?

Xorg.0.log (212.9 KB)

There seems to be mode 1280x720_60 in your xrandr. Could you switch the mode to that and see if it can work in that resolution? Just for test.

And could you share this info too? In NG case.

sudo cat /sys/kernel/debug/tegradc.0/stats

this resolution not working.

sorry, What is NG case?


Just to confirm, is native HDMI monitor working fine on that board?

yes native HDMI monitor working fine.