Xavier NX Product Update

We are constantly looking for ways to use our software to enhance existing hardware. With Jetpack 4.6, we are enhancing the Jetson Xavier NX specifications by enabling better video encode and video decode performance and higher memory bandwidth. With no hardware changes, we have created a new nvpmodel with a 20W power mode to enable these extended features.

  1. What is the new Jetson Xavier NX 20W mode?

JetPack 4.6 with L4T 32.6.1 includes a new 20W mode for Jetson Xavier NX. This power mode enables the new specs referenced above. To learn more about the 20W mode, please refer here.

  1. How do I enable the new 20W Mode?

The new 20W power mode that can be selected using the nvpmodel command or GUI. Please refer to documentation here.

One can also create a custom nvpmodel to enable some or all of the new specs referenced above.

  1. What about the power and performance of my existing application on Jetson Xavier NX?

Customers using the included 10W or 15W power modes will experience the exact same performance as when they used the 10W or 15W modes included with previous releases.

Customers using a custom nvpmodel.conf will need to update and regenerate it for use with JetPack 4.6. This will ensure that SoC clocks are capped correctly. Please refer to the L4T 32.6.1 release notes for more details.

  1. Is there a way for me to estimate the power of my Xavier NX Design in the existing 10W, 15W, or the new 20W mode?

You can use the following link to access our PowerEstimator tool. PowerEstimator is a power estimation tool for Jetson system-on-modules (SOMs). It estimates average SOM power consumption and generates an nvpmodel configuration file for the system configuration and target workload being modeled. It includes support for Xavier NX for 10W mode, 15W mode, and 20W mode.


Many stores are out of stock. When can I buy it?


Sorry about that - we are facing various component shortages and are trying as hard as possible to get them back in stock asap. Although these distributors are currently receiving shipments to restock their inventory, I don’t currently have a timeline to share as to when they will be off backorder at the various shops.