Can we have 10W-6Core power mode

We need turn on 6 CPUs, but expect the power is as low as possible. Can we have a 10W-6Core power mode?

I know the power mode is defined in /etc/nvpmodel.conf. Do we have a tool to define and add a new power mode?

Please use this tool to tune a 10W mode:

This is just a login link? I got failure to login. Since I have logined in forum, why do I need login again?

This link still can’t work. The link is Sign In. Is this correct?

Yes, you have to sign in to get the tool.

When I accessed the link to login, after I inputed my email, then I always got HTTP ERROR 401.

Is there any other way to get the tool?


What if using this link?

This link work! Thanks, @WayneWWW

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