Xavier NX Production Module - External micro SD Card and SSD(M.2 key M)

I would like to make sure that we can use the both of external micro SD card and SSD at the same time with Xavier NX production module if we have the carrier board which has the micro SD slot and M.2 key M slot.

Is my understanding correct?

Thank you

Sure, as you can see in Xavier NX Design Guide, both are supported.

Hello, Trumany

Thank you for the reply to my question.
Can we utilize them at the same time, right? Not like either micro SD or SSD

Thank you

What do you mean “at the same time”? You can add a SD card and a SSD device in same one design.

While using the micro SD, can we also use the SSD together, at the same time?

Thank you

I don’t see any restrictions about this usecase. Why do you think it has chance to not work?

Thank you for the answer. I really appreciate it.

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