Xavier NX USB0,1,2

I need three USB connector:
USB0 for device(for program recorvery);
USB1 for USB3.1 host(used for mourse and key board);
USB2 for host;
Whitch Xavier NX GPIO can I used as usb host Vbus EN GPIO?
In Xavier NX developer KIT,USB0 is used as device usb,GPIO00 used as USB0 vbus detect gpio.
But USB1 3.1 need GPIO00 to be used as usb_vbus_en and loadswitch OC dectect IO too.
If I can changge GPIO00 to other GPIO in USB0,1,2 design?

You can use any gpio just in case it is available.

If you use some GPIO that is already occupied by other driver, it will have kernel to let you know.

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