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Hello , In our own design carrier board, the usb could not identify USB hard disk(for example Sandisk) or keyboard & mouse. And this problem occurs occasionally, we use ‘‘dmesg’’ to print the kernel log, just as the txt log. And another phenomenon is that when usb hard disk(Sandisk) if removed , xavier also show the sandisk
device through ‘‘lsusb’’ command, just as the picture.
dmes.log (94.2 KB)

So could you help us to locate the problem, whether the hardware or software cause this.And what is the reason?

Since this is custom board, did you make any change to the device tree to let the usb port work?

The failure only occured for a few times. Most of the time it is OK. The TypeC was closed in device tree.

Why do you mention “typeC is closed”? You filed a topic on jetson TX2 forum and TX2 devkit does not have a type C port.

Is it a xavier issue or TX2 issue?

Oh, sorry. The platform is xavier, not TX2.

Please shared board schematic and full dts.

Hi, the full dts and USB part SCH are attached. USB just connects to USB connector from xavier.
USB SCH.pdf (1.2 MB)
nvidia.tar.gz (6.2 MB)

The dts file you attached is not what I asked for.

Use the dtc tool to convert your dtb back to dts and share it here.

Also, tell me what you’ve changed inside the dts and a brief introduction for each usb port on your board. For example, I see you have “C-USB” and “S-USB” in the schematic, what are they? type c usb port?

Only TypeC port related was closed while other USB related was not changed. C-USB and S-USB just mean two USB signal are from two different xavier seperatly since we use two xavier in our board.
dts file has attached below.
old.dts (260.2 KB)

Can you just give me a brief answer of below

  1. How many usb ports are in use on the board? Which port/pin is in use?

  2. Howe many ports are in type A and any other types of ports?

  3. Did you ever read usb guide in adaptation guide document?

1、Just two USB(SS+HS) Port are used , and one port is from C-Xavier while the othe is from S-Xaiver(C-xavier and S-xaiver just mean two xavier). For S-Xaiver or C-Xavier, USB0(F13/F12) is used as HS while UPHY1(G22/G23/C22/C23) is used as SS.
2、Both two USB Connector are TypeA.


If there is only one usb port on your board, then your dts is totally wrong. There are still 3 usb ports enabled from your device tree. Correct it first.

Please read the usb guide in the document.


One more need to be added is that S-Xavier or C-xavier both have one USB(SS+HS) connet to outside Type A connector as was stated above.
For S-Xavier, USB1(C10/C11) is used for 4G module while USB2(A11/A10) was used for Wifi module. And USB3(G10/G11) as well as UPHY11 were used for USB-to-Ethernet(LAN7800) to convert to Ethernet. UPHY6 is not used.
For C-Xavier, USB2(A10/A11) as well as UPHY11 were used for USB-to-Ethernet(LAN7800) to convert to Ethernet. While USB1(C10/C11) 、USB3(G11/G10) 、UPHY6 were not used.
However, as for your reply, even if all USB Ports are enabled in device tree (those unused ports but enabled connect to nothing ) , will they cause failure just as stated at the beginning ?

It will fail.

I do not get it. Could please explain why it will fail?Because those unused port were not connected to anything.

And as well, we could update device tree for furthermore test.

I am not giving a 100% precise answer that it will fail or not.

It is just a good habit to read the document, modify the device tree to match your board first.

USB driver is enumerated all the ports together. If there are one port that has problem, other ports will crash too. We do see some users hit such error.

OK,thankyou. Furthermore, does the log file show some related wrong message? Maybe that could remind us something.

The error log happens after usb disconnection.

[ 419.868353] usb 1-1: USB disconnect, device number 5

Thus, after you modify the device tree, please check if this issue is still. And if this is caused by specific usb device. or every device disconnection could cause this problem.

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