XenApp 7.12 Pass-Through Performance

Hello, I’m using server 2012 R2 with K1’s whole pass-through and doing a fishbowl test from an ICA session I get 30 FPS. On my windows 10 with the lowest vGPU profile I get 60 FPS with the fishbowl test. Same Citrix policies are applied to both. I can see the NVidia card in device manager but I can also see a Microsoft standard adapter. When using the gpuz tool it does show the NVidia GRID card. Should I not be getting the same FPS on the XenApp server with a whole GPU pass-through as I am with a windows 10 lowest profile? I was the only user logged into the XenApp server for testing.


Hi Ryan,

please not that there is an additional virtualization layer on xenapp (Splitting GPU to connected users).

See this links for more Information: