XenDesktop 7.6 on vSphere 6 - Not seeing the GRID profiles in Virtual Hardware Settings

I am following the Deployment Guide. I installed the vib on the ESXi hosts and ran the nvidia-smi command. All is good. When I edit the virtual hardware settings on my Gold Image virtual machine, I can add the Shared PCI Device and see NVIDIA GRID vGPU but the Profiles below are blank. What am I doing wrong? I have not installed the drivers inside of Windows yet as the Guide has not instructed me to do so. Thanks in advance for the help.

I installed the wrong vib in vSphere. Once I uninstalled and installed the vGPU vib, all was good.

Hi alepore,

Thanks for letting us and the "next guy" know, appreciated you took the time to update the community.

What applications are you looking to use in particular - we might be able to point you at some useful information.

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