Xhci usb compatible host controller(Code 10)

I bought an EVGA RTX2060, but after installation there was an error on the xhci usb compatible host controller device, I already did everything, nvidia driver, chipset, everything is fine, but I think it has something to do with the GPU driver because the problem device is on the same bus as the GPU, that is, PCI Bus 7, device 0, function 2. The 2 devices are on the same bus.

Hi there @rodrigoes288 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

PCIe is the Bus on a modern motherboard for most communication between CPU and add-in (or on-board) devices. That includes USB. that means many devices share the bus. The numbering scheme depends on the BIOS and the operating system on how they enumerate these devices, depending on which priority order they apply, not on the GPU driver.

On my laptop for example I have the integrated graphics and the built-in USB xHCI also on the same bus number.

Yes, the device number is different. That is why you should check if you have the latest BIOS on your motherboard, then check your BIOS for any settings that control the on-board device allocation or enumeration. You could also for good measure force the PCIe x16 slot to be PCIe 3.0 instead of what I suspect will be “AUTO”. You do have the GPU in the correct PCIe x16 slot, right?

For further issues I recommend checking out our GeForce specific forums as well, where these kind of end-user issues are discussed more commonly.