~/.xprofile not working on Jetson Nano

I want to set default resolution by ~/.xprofile:

# check .xprofile work or not
echo 'xxx' > ~/Desktop/test.txt

# set resolution to  1280x720
xrandr --output HDMI-0 --mode 1280x720

I am sure that my monitor support 1280x720 because the command work in terminal.
I don’t known why it is not work in .xprofile

Hi huangganggui,

Sorry for the late response, have you found the solution?

I walk around it by startup application (~/.config/autostart/xxx.desktop)

.xprofile set to 1280x720 seem to work after boot but just work a second. maybe other process config the resolution and overwrite the config of .profile

Hi @kayccc ,
Sometimes xxx.desktop under ~/.config/autostart/ not work. I guess some process configured the resolution. Can you help me to figure out which process configured?

Thanks a lot.