Custom Resolution (1280x390) not working (BadMatch Error)

Hi. I just bought a nano and hooked up 2 displays. Both displays are driven by 2 lcd controller boards. One display is a 1024x768 10inch touch screen display connected via an active DP to HDMI cable (It would be very nice for future boards to be DP+ compatible so I dont need an active cable). That display works fine. The other display is a bar type display with a resolution of 1280x390 connected via a passive HDMI to HDMI cable. The nano defaults to running the 2nd display at 1280x720, but I need it at 1280x390.

I’ve tried setting the resolution through xrandr but when I have to run:

xrandr --addmode HDMI-0 "1280x390_60.00"

I get a badmatch error among other errors. I am aware that sometimes closed source nvidia drivers will force certain resolutions if it misinterprets some info in the displays edid. I know for sure the display works at 1280x390 as I’ve tested it on a windows device.

Any help is appreciated. I absolutely need to get this to work.

Hi, any updates you could share?