Xsens MTi-G-710 HW Support


I would like to learn which specific model of MTi-G-710 is supported by AGX ?
would any model of Mti-G-710 be ok ? Such as MTi-G-710-2A8G4 ?

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Dear csari3,
For some submodels, as long as the protocol you communicate over USB/UART is the same, then we support it. let us know if you have any issues

Dear csari3,

Could you please see below for this topic? Thanks.

  • NVIDIA supports MTi-G-710-2A8G4 (current generation) and MTi-G-710-2A5G4 (previous generation) of the MTi-G-710 series. For new development the former is recommended
  • Both of the above provide RS232 and USB as system interface. NVIDIA software supports RS232, RS232 over USB (via RS232-to-USB converter), and native USB