IMU sensor with DRIVE PX2, why can't I use other IMU products?

Hello NVIDIA’s experts.
I have a question please answer this.
I am going to use IMU sensor with DRIVE PX2.
however, I noticed that only “Xens MTi-G-710 ” is supported.
why can’t I use other IMU products?

Hello groot,

We also support Novatel.
May I know you are using IMU info?


Is there a list of any other IMUs, which are also supported? Thx


Could you please let us know your considering IMU? Thanks.

We are considering xsens MTi-3-8A7G6-DK or Vectornav VN-100.
If they are supported, on which controller (Aurix or Tegra) and with which interface (SPI, USB, etc.) should we connect IMU?

Hello, we are now purchasing MTI-3-8A7G6-DK, can you give us any further information please? Thx

I noticed that ‘Xens MTI-G-710’ is supported.
Is supported ‘Xens MTi-300’ ? It is the MTI-G-710 without GNSS.
Thank you.