You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment


I am pleased to become a member of this forum and the NVIDIA community. Recently, I commenced the course entitled “Disaster Risk Monitoring Using Satellite Imagery.” I hope that this is the appropriate place to address the following matter. Although I found the course to be very valuable, I am unable to complete the assignment because I encounter the error message “You have exhausted the lab time provided with your course enrollment” whenever I attempt to launch the interactive session. I realize that I have utilized too much training time. However, the course was self-paced, and the content provided was quite extensive. As this was my first course on your platform, I did not anticipate encountering the aforementioned issue. Had I known beforehand, I would have spent some time offline to delve deeper into the presented materials. Would it be possible to request an extension of time to complete the final exercise? Thank you in advance.

Hello @nguyet179,

You are all set, I have added additional time to your account.


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