YUV420 sensor format settings not working


I am trying to create a sensor+ISP driver that outputs YUV420 8-bit legacy to TX2. The pixel phase should be UYVY. I extended the camera_common_colorfmt struct to include this:


and included this option in the extract_format function in sensor_common.c.

However, I always get a corrupted kernel and could not boot the TX2. I’ve been trying the other media bus formats with the same pixel phase but I always get a YUV422 image format, instead of my expected I420 or NV21 fourcc codes.

What settings should I use?


hello 3dimi,

could you please share your kernel message about booting failures.

Hi JerryChang,

Sorry for the late response. I was only able to get back on this project this week.

The kernel is corrupted. I am unable to proceed to boot up when using this kernel with a YUV420 sensor driver format. How can I get the kernel messages?

hello 3dimi,

there’s an alternative way to connect your device to desktop for gathering uart logs,
please also refer to Serial Console – NVIDIA Jetson TX2 for details.