10G RJ45 Connection with different 10G RJ45 connector model than Dev. Kit


Question for 10G RJ45 connector mapping.

The ethernet line is not working now.
The difference between the Dev. Kit and my custom Carrier board is RJ45 connector model name.
The Dev. kit uses AC7416-0011-001HH (Wieson Technologies), but I use JTH-0024NL (PULSE).
Please advise me of the problem that can happen with the Hardware connection.
The below diagram is the two usage different circuit diagrams.


What’s your connection of CT pins? If that is same to devkit with capacitor, then it is totally same to devkit. No idea of that then, you may need to check with the vendor.

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CT Pin is connected the same as to the devkit with a capacitor to GND.


Dear Trumany,

The problem is solved by EEPROM file as

Many thanks for your help.