AQR113-B1 as 10G ethernet chip on AGX Orin

Hi Nvidia:
We are trying to use AQR113-B1 as 10G ethernet chip on our custom board, which is a little different compare to the AGX Orin dev kit. On devkit, it’s AQR113-B0.

There is a key change between these two chip. The chip ID is 0x1C42 for B0, 0x1C43 for B1.

Now, we flashed the firmware provided by Marvell (should be the same one used on devkit), then boot orin. The debug message showed “FIRMWARE INIT FAILED AT LEVEL 95”, just like the topic Here.

We want to verify that if the root cause is the changed of chip ID? Or might be the changed to FW ROM IC?

Many thanks.

Could you attache the full log?

Hi WayneWWW:
Here is the log :
10gBootFail.log (33.9 KB)

Jetpack 5.1.3 is used.

Could you also share the schematic for hardware review? I feel it is not just software issue.

Hi, this error means 156.25MHz is not enabled. Where is the 156.25MHz clock as below showing in DG in your design?

Hi Trumany:
Thanks for the reply. Our design didn’t implement these.

We will add the components in the next version of design. I’ll close the topic now.

Many thanks.

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