2.8.4 Capsule vs Triangle Mesh Collisions

I’m currently running version 2.8.4 of PhysX, I understand it is outdated, but the engine I use doesn’t have updated bindings for a newer version, and we don’t have the time to update the implementation ourselves.

We are currently experiencing an issue with a Capsule Controller having inconsistent collision behavior with triangle meshes. Our static geometry is currently implemented using triangle meshes, and everything works perfectly fine. We have a need to rotate the world gravity (as well as the capsule controller) in such a way that the world is oriented along any major axis. When changing the world orientation by 90 degrees (gravity, not actually moving the world), our capsule controller is suddenly no longer able to collide with any of the triangle mesh geometry in the world. Moving back to the standard (pos z being up) orientation, everything works fine. Is this a bug, or is PhysX optimizing things away, or a failure on our end?

Disregard this post, as I have identified the problem, and it has been identified in another post more relevant to the problem itself, and not the symptoms.