2 non-PCIE USB ports + 2 PCIE USB ports

Now the 4 USB interface solution is to use 2 non-PCIE USB interfaces + 2 PCIE USB interfaces, but at present, only one of the 2 PCIE USB interfaces can be used at the same time. Now I want to use 2 PCIE USB interfaces at the same time. How to modify ?

If this is a custom board, then you can just leverage that x4 and x1 pcie port.

It is a custom board, and we leverage that x1 pcie port. There is a problem occured when we use 2 usb cam at the same time. And it is ok that just using 1 usb cam.
There is test shell and logs related to the problem in result_pcie.zip.
result_pcie.zip (10.2 KB)
Please help to check the problem. Thanks


So you are still using 2 usb camera on just one PCIe port?

Yeap, right.

Looks like bandwidth issue. Please try to separate usb cam to different pcie port.

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