2-slot or 3-slot NVLINK 3.0 (GEFORCE RTX 30) briges

The RTX3090 product page is very vague on the NVLINK 3.0 bridge.
Meanwhile, Gigabyte offers a 2-slot version of the RTX3090, so it would be nice is 2-slot and 3-slot bridges would be available. But…

  1. Usually, NVLINK bridges from the previous generation are not compatible. But… Could anyone confirm that RTX3090 actually does not work with bridges that do work with RTX2080Ti? Is it mechanically incompatible?

  2. EVGA got no plans for a 3 slot at this time. Gigabyte only offer a 4-slot bridge. It looks like, suddenly, everyone only offer 4-slot bridges. Is NVidia prohibiting any other options?

  3. It is well-known that RTX2080Ti perfectly works with Quadro RTX6000 bridges. For Ampere, this page mentions 2-slot RTX A6000 bridge.

Does this mean that RTX3090 owners, wanting to get a 2slot bridge should wait for RTX A6000 to be released, and get a Quadro-branded bridge? Would it be compatible?