2019.2 STOCK (default) carter_sim: scan_localization node crashing

Hi, I’m running the stock (fresh, default, included with the SDK) 2019.2 Isaac Sim and 2019.2 carter_sim and can confirm these were running properly on the original version, but in the new version every few seconds I get a crash in the scan_localization node that results in a stoppage of a few other nodes including global_localization, and ill effects can be seen in the Local and Localization views on sight, as well as the robot swinging out of control to overcorrect its orientation due to the gap in information about its environment.

Looking at the updated Isaac Sim quick start guide, it looks like this may even be happening in the example:

You can see that a node is stopped, upon comparison to the full app graph it looks like scan_localization itself. You can also notice the disconnect between the simulated LIDAR orientation and the map in the Localization window in this image.

Is this a known issue? My project is suffering from the same issues in scan_localization and I am not sure how to proceed as this doesn’t seem to be an issue with my code.

Thanks for reading!

  • Travis

Hi Travis,

This should not happen and is not a known issue.
Please post your problem in the SDK forum, they can help you better.

Please let us know if you have any problems on the sim side.