2D BBox to capture only visible object

Is there anyway that we can have the 2d bboxes capture only the visible portion of an object and not occluded portions? The 2d tight bbox still captures some occluded portions. I’m trying to label only the small black band at the top.


Looks like we got this sorted out on discord, but for others who might have a similar issue I’ll add the solution here too for completeness.

Anyone seeing a similar issue should check the segmentation views to see if there are some unwanted pixels in unexpected areas. This can happen with hairline cracks in geometry. Also, for reference I got the word on how the tight 2dBBoxes are generated:

“2dBBoxes are computed by the renderer, by ray-tracing the scene and computing the actual 2dbbox of the visible pixels for every object. After that there is a post-processing step which merges the 2dbboxes of the objects sharing the same semantic entity.”

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